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Scott Tucker

Some may think its easy to become like Scott Tucker, Kansas City. If there is where you want to be, having a sense of music is a first step. It is not all about learning and practicing, although they will actually improve and enhance your skills. When still young, a dreaming drummer is more enthusiastic and enjoys playing left and right, only to find the best rhythm. The thing that can make a difference between a good and great drummer is talent. If you just do it because you love music, try other instruments as well, before dedicating your energy to drums. 

You leave in an apartment and your neighbors are screaming each time you drumm. You definitely need a particular place to practice in. You cannot just head to your garage and start creating rhythms. So, just avoid places with people that don't want to hear the noise. Instead, you need a place with a phonic insulation, only to avoid disturbing your neighbors or your family members. This is how Scott Tucker Kansas began his venture too. After that just practise, practise, practise. Go with what your guts tell you when you drum. There is no other way to advance this craft. However, the difficulties a drummer has to go through are numerous, but once you become decent and can actually draw some attention, you must be aware of the pros and cons this profession brings in.

It is said the the coolest guys in a band are the drummers. There are no doubts about it. Girls say they love them, but I think it goes for all band members. Another great aspect is the fact that you can make music or play some rock songs while sitting down. It would be something, right? Even the idea itself is good. Still thinking you can't create great sound just by drumming? Think again.

Following guidelines is not for Scott Tucker, even though this is what we try to do here. Every drummer follows some rules, even if its just "follow no rules" itself. There are also some tips and tricks to help you learn how to make music and how to improve your style. But after all, a drummer is one of the few musicians who can adopt a unique style. You have the freedom to create a new technique if your feel inspired enough. Pleasure and practise should go hand in hand on this. 

Are there more pros to this job? If your drumms will be located in the middle of the stage, you might get the best view on your audience. They are often given their own stages, since an experienced music maker can always crop up a drumming song. Does this still makes drumming as attractive as you though?